Last month’s Skinhead Week was a great success and RoB London has decided to keep more of the Lonsdale Classic range in stock all year round. Of course, you don’t have to be a skinhead to wear Lonsdale. A Lonsdale Classic Polo Top or a Lonsdale Harrington Jacket look great with jeans, jogging bottoms or combats, and can be worn on a night out with your non-fetish gay pals or your straight mates.

November’s Hoist Black was the best yet and RoB London’s Manager, Scott, would like to say a big thank you to Kurt and all the staff at the Hoist for making the night so enjoyable… And a big thanks also to RoB/Hard On’s Mr Sleazy 2011, Peter Bates, for his help on the night too!





RoB London will be launching a range of rubber wear from new label Tainted Love, and on this special launch day, take advantage of 20% off the normal retail price!

Not content with building up its own label rubber wear range, the guys at RoB London want to offer you more, and Tainted Love’s range will include aprons, sports vests and shorts, sleeveless shirts, harnesses, full pleated kilts and a buckled straight jacket. But expect some more innovative Tainted Love designs in the range, all in high quality rubber, over the coming year!

As with all of RoB London’s Launch Parties, there’ll be free drinks and nibbles.


DECEMBER 17TH, 22ND, 23RD & 24TH 


RoB London has their very own sleazy Santa, who’s been making a list and checking it twice! So go down into his ‘Grotty Grotto’ and see him on of the dates listed and, you better hope you’ve been naughty; otherwise you won’t get a present! Yes, Santa’s gone a bit alternative this year. Gone is his “Ho Ho Ho”, and it’s been replaced with a “Ha Ha Ha” as he puts you over his knee and spanks you for being too good…


JANUARY 7TH & 8TH, 21ST & 22ND


RoB London offers an excellent repairs service all year round. But, of course, most guys will take their fetish gear in for a repair when there’s a big party happening in the fetish world. This means that the RoB London Team can get snowed under and, at these busy periods, there can be a longer waiting time to get your favourite item repaired or altered. So why not take advantage of a quieter time of the year in January to take your gear to Rob London’s Repairs Clinic? When maybe your chaps might need altering to accommodate those few extra helpings of Christmas pudding! Have a dig around for that pair of jeans with a hole in the crutch, or even that pair of chaps that need a bit taken off the waistband. Bring in any gear you like and the guys at RoB will have a look and let you know if it’s possible to repair or adjust, how long it will take and give you an estimate of cost.

They’re dedicating these two weekends in January to repairs, when Scott will be around all weekend… But, of course, you take your gear in any time and the RoB London Repairs Clinic will do their best to help you.




There’ll be a Valentine’s Competition at RoB London the first two weeks in February with a top treat for you and a loved one, or maybe someone you’d like to get to know better! Keep an eye out for more details in the coming issues of QXMEN Magazine.


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