It would appear that, when holidaying to new destinations, we’re actually not that bothered about finding the best beaches, local eateries or even gay bars and clubs. 

If the findings of, a site that provides daily chart rankings and historical records of iTunes book charts, are correct, we’re more interested in finding out which country has the most active gay tops and the best power bottoms.

Yep, the indispensable guide book that we told you about last year, The Gay Travel Guide For Tops And Bottoms, recently broke into the top ten ranking in sales for iTunes UK Top Travel & Adventure eBooks.

“A gay travel guide has never made the top 10 charts for UK Travel and Leisure before, I feel very honoured,” said author Drew Blancs. The tongue in cheek look at gay travel based upon the sexual performance of the locals is a unique approach in travel review books. The idea was created by Blancs, who’d become tired of his friends’ complaining that they couldn’t find compatible sex partners.

“I wrote this book so that gay men can set out and find the city the fits them best and yes, that pun was intended,” he said. The book took over five years to complete and the painstaking research was done by two gay guys (one exclusively top and the other exclusively bottom).

The Gay Travel Guide For Tops And Bottoms, published by Icon Empire Press, is available in paperback print or as an ebook in over 43 countries with over 72 ebook sellers worldwide. For more info and to order your copy, go to


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