The team at RoB London would like to say a big thank you to Nick Jones and all their customers for making the launch of the new Tainted Love rubber range such a great success. You can expect to see lots more items added to this hot new range, which is going to be included in RoB London’s January sale…  So, if you haven’t already, go in and see Tainted Love’s exciting new range.



JANUARY 7TH & 8TH, 21ST & 22ND

RoB London offers an excellent repairs service all year round. But, of course, most guys will take their fetish gear in for a repair when there’s a big party happening in the fetish world. This means that the RoB London Team can get snowed under and, at these busy periods, there can be a longer waiting time to get your favourite item repaired or altered.

So why not take advantage of a quieter time of the year in January to take your gear to Rob London’s Repairs Clinic? When maybe your chaps might need altering to accommodate those few extra helpings of Christmas pudding! Have a dig around for that pair of jeans with a hole in the crutch, or even that pair of chaps that need a bit taken off the waistband.

Bring in any gear you like and the guys at RoB will have a look and let you know if it’s possible to repair or adjust, how long it will take and give you an estimate of cost.

They’re dedicating these two weekends in January to repairs, when Scott will be around all weekend… But, of course, you can take your gear in any time and the RoB London Repairs Clinic will do their best to help you.




The guys at RoB London know that everyone is feeling the credit crunch right now. So to help out, they’re having a massive January sale. But this is no ordinary sale, as there’ll be an amazing 20% off every single item in store, with extra savings on selected items too!

Not only that, if Rob London hasn’t got your size or colour, or they’ve run out of an item you want, you’ll still be able to get the discount if you order and pay for it before the end of the January Sale… How good is that!




In February there’ll be a Valentine’s competition at RoB London. All you have to do to enter is go in to the store any time from Wednesday February 1st to Saturday February 11th and fill out an entry form.

And it’s worth doing so as 1st prize will be a £100 RoB gift voucher, 2nd prize is £50 and 3rd prize is £25. Gift vouchers can be used at any RoB store.




The first Hoist Black of 2012, one of the best leather and rubber nights in London, will be just before St. Valentine’s Day, and the lucky winners of RoB’s Valentine’s competition will be drawn on the night.

If you’d like free entry then get down to RoB London and put your name on their guest list, or contact them by phone or email… But don’t hang about as they only have a limited number of places.


• RoB London, 24/25 Wells Street, London W1T 3PH, Phone: 020 3073 10 10, Fax: 020 7637 4510, [email protected]


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