Meet the latest Falcon Exclusive porn star LANDON CONRAD. This 33 year-old dreamboat has caused quite a stir in the offices of QXMEN and it’s clear to see why with that Desperate Dan jaw line, his sexy blue eyes and dick of death.

    Where were you born and where do you live now?

    Salt Lake City, Utah, and I’m cu rrently living there.

    Are you single?

    No, I’m in a four year relationship with an amazingly beautiful and intelligent man!

    What was your profession before you started working in the porn industry?

    Retail…Buyer/ Management.

    And how did you get into the industry?

    I have always been exhibitionist and fascinated with the porn industry! I knew many years ago that I wanted to get into it. Finally I got up enough courage and sent in my pictures! I got a call the next day!

    Were you nervous doing your first scene?



    You’ve featured on and starred in Morning Wood and also Chi Chi LaRue’s Playing With Fire 4.  So, what’s next for Landon Conrad?

    I just finished a scene with Josh Griffin in a new movie called White Hot by Falcon Studios that’ll be out April 13th. I’m heading back to Los Angeles next week to shoot another new film with John Magnum and Rod Daily. That film will be out May 25th.

    Are you top, bottom or versatile?

    Top, but I do love to bottom every now and then! So maybe a bit versatile!

    Who’s the hottest top in the industry?

    Oh my god! There are soooo many! To hard to just think of one!

    And the hottest bottom?

    Hmmm… That other new Landon, Landon Mycles! He’s INSANELY HOT! I have to assume he’s a bottom after watching Pizza Boy Gang Bang! WOW!

    What’s your favourite position?

    Face to face, missionary style. I love to make out and see my partner’s face while he orgasms!

    So what turns Landon Conrad on?

    Hot sweaty guys wearing only jock-straps and sneakers!

    If you had the chance to direct a scene and cast the other performers, who would you choose and what would happen?

    I’d put ten eclectically beautiful, horny, sexually liberated men in a room and just film what happens naturally!

    What’s your favourite porn movie ever?

    Titan’s Breathless!

    What do you do to relax?

    Sit on the couch with my boyfriend and two dogs and watch Sex And The City reruns!

    If the world were to end tomorrow what would you rush out and do?

    I’d spend the day with all my love ones and be thankful for the life I got to live! While listening to Madonna of course!!!

    Any plans to come to the U.K.?

    Not at the moment, but hopefully soon… I love all the beautiful architecture.

    Finish this sentence. The best part about being a porn star is…

    I get to have sex with beautiful men for work!

    Finally Landon, describe yourself in three words.

    I asked my boyfriend to answer this one and here’s what he said… “LOVING, STRONG and MISCHIEVOUS”