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    Vital Statistics

    All About Me

    Born and raised in London. Masculine. Confident. Personal.

    Muscular build and Tattoos.

    Hairy Chest. Hairy Thighs. Cropped hair and beard.

    And most importantly…always a smile!

    I have worked in the Adult Entertainment Industry for six years, starting off working as a Porn Actor with Studios such as Men at Play, Titan, Cocksure Men, AlphaMale, Butch Dixon and Men.com. To date I have appeared in over 60 films and still occasionally shoot more scenes.

    I have been a masseur for the past 4 years but only in the past 6 months have really taken a love towards the profession.

    The connection I feel when Im with a partner is very powerful and sexual and something that cannot really be explained unless you are in the situation with me.

    Experience a high level of satisfaction and a memory that is bound to last you a lifetime.