The Top Ten

    Have a hole you need filled this holiday season? Here’s ten of our favourite tops!

    Antonio Biaggi

    The biggest penis in Puerto Rico, this guy is our ultimate papi chulo. He’s fucking primal as he plows ass, pulling that hole wide and forcing himself deep before blowing hot load of leche into his lad. Ayyyyy.

    Rocco Steele

    The Daddy of all Daddies, Rocco is the man you want to scoop you up, put you on his lap and make you take every inch of his thick meat, while he growls about what a good boy you are.

    Peto Coast

    The king of Ericvideos. We want this nasty fucker to follow us down a dark alleyway and take FULL advantage of our unwilling-but-really-willing hole. But keep the cap, trainers and trackies on, Peto, they make us cum even harder.

    Jean Franko

    Que macho doesn’t even begin to cover the MANLINESS of Spanish bull Jean Franko. The way he conquers abttom with a simple look is almost like telepathy. Immediately they know to get on their knees and worship this magnificent hombre’s massive uncut cock.

    Tim Kruger

    The most delicious dick in Deutschland belongs to Tim Kruger, founder of Tim Tales and all-around horny fucker. We love his daily doses of filthy adventures as he splits apart muscle bottoms, skinny twinks, sexy spaniards and every boy inbetween.


    Proof that skinny guys have the biggest cocks! Rodolfo may have a slight build, but he’s got a MAMMOTH member lurking in his pants. Watching tight bottoms wince their way down his trunk is a horny pleasure, every time.

    Rogan Richards

    A proper dirty bastard, we LOVE Rogan. He’s all about the flex and we are all about that thick brown veiny cock swinging between his legs. If there’s kink, Rogan’s into it and if there’s a TWINK, Rogan’s probably bred it, hard.

    Damian Boss

    Another hung and handsome delight, Damian has returned to porn after five years away. If it’s even possible, that massive dick seems to have grown even bigger and he’s been putting back to good use, impaling hot bottoms all over Tim Tales!


    Smooth skin, perfect ink, ripped abs, gorgeous face and one giant dick – Hotrod certainly lives up to his name. A beatifiul bastard with a hunger for bubblebutts that can’t be sated. When is it our turn to be taken for spin?

    Bravo Delta

    We just got reccomended this hairy, horny fucker by a friend and BOY, we’re glad we took it. Now we just want to take it from Bravo Delta.  Apparently Bravo is from Boston, so we’re booking flights over now so we can have our very own D-Party.