What’s Hot This Month in London & Brighton – June 2019

    6th July: Hard On Gay Pride

    GIRD YOUR LOINS! One of London’s most notorious fetish parties is strutting into Vauxhall for a crazy, cock-hungry pride edition! Fetish queen Suzie Krueger has done a great job of bringing this great monthly party to international status – last month they had a special appearance from Rocco Steele, one of the biggest (in more ways than one) stars in the industry. Now it’s back with a big pride party at UNION in Vauxhall. The details are still under leather-clad wraps, but if their previous events are anything to go by, it’ll be high-octane, hedonistic and hot as fuck.

    UNION, 66 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP. 10pm – 5am.


    Sundays: JOXXX

    JOXXX does what it says on the tin – it’s a night for jocks who are into jockstraps. Well, we say jocks; anyone’s welcome as long as they’re wearing a skimpy garment with an elasticated waistband. JOXXX has been around for a while now, and it’s proven super popular among a wide range of London’s discerning gay sex and fetish connoisseurs. It used to be at Vauxhall’s Bloc South, but now it’s moved over to Bunker Bar in gritty East London. Get down there every Sunday evening and get yer rocks off!

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN. 6pm – 1am. 


    21st June: XXL Birmingham

    London’s biggest weekly gay club night swaggers over to Birmingham once a month for a special edition of their always pumping, always packed party. It’s primarily a party for bears and their pals, but everyone’s welcome; from cute tattooed otters to big buff polar bears. The Birmingham edition of XXL is a bit of a moment, because it draws hot horny guys from all over the Midlands; anyone into dancing, cruising, and general man-on-man clubbing action! With bangin’ beats from some of the scene’s best DJs to get you in the mood. With Hairy Happy Hour 10pm – midnight.

    The Core, 135 Sherlock Street, Birmingham, B5 6NB. 10pm – 3am. £5 entry for members, £10 non-members.


    27th June: Pool Party

    We love a pool party! Bougie AF. And now’s the perfect time of year for them, all this steamy humid heat that we’ve had – well, we haven’t, but we will soon. Hopefully. Even better than your average pool party is a pool party on a THURSDAY. Ooh! Midweek naughtiness is so much better than weekend naughtiness. The apple tastes that much sweeter. This midweek pool party is courtesy of sex/fetish party people Jamie HP and it’s at Covent Garden Health Spa – they’ve got cabins, cruise areas and a great big spa pool – perfect for getting wet with handsome strangers!

    Covent Garden Health Spa, 29 Endell Street, WC2H 9BA. 7:30pm – 1am. £15 entry including first drink and cloakroom.


    20th June: SM Gays – Cp & Flogging

    Yes, SLAP it. HARDER. Your guides to the ins and outs of the fetish scene are back again, this months with a Corporal Punishment and Flogging special. Whether you like getting your bare ass out for a beating by your sir, getting your cheeks bright red and burning, or if you’re looking to someone squirm at the other end of your cane, come along and give CP a try. Choose your flogging item of choice and get whacking, be it a paddle, a belt, a flogger or a whip. This not-for-profit meet-up caters for all things sexual sadomasochism run by volunteers who just love getting more guys involved in the scene. Each week they welcome around 100 guys who just want to get stuck in, so paddles at the ready gents. It’s time to get flogging.

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, Shoreditch EC1V 1JN. 10pm – 5am. £10 entry includes a free drink and cloakroom.


    7 Days (And Nights) A Week: Vault

    Just a stone’s throw away from the leafy side streets and tourist hubs of Euston and Warren Street, lurking just around the corner from bougie shops and restaurants, is an outrageous den of debauchery! Vault is one of London’s best-known sex/naked clubs and for years has provided a haven for everyone from salacious students to businessmen looking to draw up some briefs – or draw DOWN some briefs (that’s a joke stolen from Will & Grace). They’ve got a range of programming to suit your tastes – on Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm it’s Stripped. That means yep, you guessed it, everyone’s totally naked. Then Frat Party on Tuesdays is free after 7pm with a student card. Wednesdays from 7pm and Sundays from 1pm is all about underwear, where you can attend in your fave undies. Then at all other times it’s Cruise, which just means good old fashioned cruising with your clothes on. Major!

    Vault 139, 139 – 143 Basement Bar, Whitfield Street, London W1T 5EN


    Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays: Buff

    Buff is the night for guys who like to be naked, and we think the programming is genius – Wednesdays for that midweek humpday horn, and weekends for…well…that weekend horn. It’s at Bunker Bar over by Old Street Station (which is convenient for basically everyone – even if you live West it’s easy to get to by train). Bunker Bar’s a brand new fetish venue, and it’s kitted out with all the mod-cons; a video room, chill area, maze, blackout bunker, cabins, glory holes and even a glory hole wall! That’ll keep you occupied!

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, London EC1V 1JN. 5pm – midnight on Wednesdays, 8pm – 4am on Saturdays, 2pm – 6pm on Sundays. £9 for members, £10 for non-members. Includes cloakroom and first free drink.


    Fridays: Fitladz

    If you’re someone who rides over to a rough part of town just to check out the scally talent then you’re going to cum your pants walking into Fitladz. They’re the UK’s biggest sportswear and chav lad night, where the white vest has never been so enticing. We don’t know why a pair of grey joggers get us weak at the knees, but when we see that grey bulge bouncing past us on the street we just have to find the nearest place to knock one out. Since London scally lads don’t take too kindly to advances, Fridays at Bunker Bar is where you’re free to approach whichever lad that takes your fancy. It’s one dance and cruise party that’ll have you licking trainers and have your head buried in his Nike undies. Knock back a few tinnies and pull some Fitladz this Friday. 

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, Shoreditch EC1V 1JN. 10pm – 5am. £10 entry includes a free drink and cloakroom.


    Saturdays: TFN

    Every week that it comes around, TFN draws in those guys who just can’t wait to strip off and party in the buff. London can feel like quite a straight-laced place sometime, so it’s good to know that TFN is somewhere you can head to give a stiff, throbbing middle finger to all that. The folks over at JamieHP transform the venue into a high-octane pool-side party, perfect for grabbing yourself an attractive man or two and disappear to one of their private cabins for some hot and heavy action. Things usually get quite raucous, channelling some gays gone wild energy you won’t see anywhere else in central London.

    Covent Garden Health Spa, 29 Endell Street, Covent Garden WC2H 9BA. 9pm – 2:30am. £15 entry includes first drink and coat check.


    Sundays: SBN & NBN

    Having built up those urges over a long week, it’s no wonder that Sunday’s the HORNIEST day of the week. Tucked away in Vauxhall is an evening-long, balls-to-the-wall naughty event that is sure to take care of that hangover horn. The venue is set up to provide the hottest play experienced, with a large play area with specialist fetish gear from the experts over at UKRed. It always draws in a mixed crowd who are looking to get stuck in at the end of the week, so whatever your type is, he’s sure to be shaking his thing on the SBN dance floor. Their jump over to Union has drawn in a fresh crop of younger guys that bring a bunch of energy to the event. A huge draw are the super steamy live XXX shows which take over the stage at 5pm sharp, this month featuring David Luca & Curtis Edwards (2nd June), James Bennett & Rob Wilde (9th June), Antonio & Wolf Rayett (16th June), Jonas Jackson & Austin Sugar (23rd of June) and Max Duran & Oscar Wood (30th June). At 6pm the Nearly Bollock Naked gang join in for an underwear fetish party, where you’re welcome to join the fun in your jock. Dancing and cruising in your undies is just the ticket after slogging away all week. Heading into work on Monday is way easier with the memory of all the naughty stuff you got up to the night before at NBN.

    Union Nightclub, 66 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall SE1 7TW. SBN 2pm – 10pm, Dress Code: Naked. NBN 6pm – 10pm, Dress Code: Jocks, Shorts, Underwear or Naked. Members £14, guests £17. Claim your free membership at JamieHP.co.uk


    29th June: ALERT!

    ALERT is one of the hottest events on the North’s fetish calendar. It’s the longest running fetish night in the North West, and has been going for more than fifteen years. It’s a night for guys who are looking for something a bit different – any fetish is welcome – leather, rubber, jockstraps, scally, skinhead and anything in between. It’s also for any level of fetish; so if you’re a beginner, it’s the perfect place to stretch your wings (and maybe stretch something else). The venue Night People will be fully equipped with play spaces, plus a double DJ set.

    Night People, 105-107 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD. 9pm – 3am.


    Saturdays: Boyz & Sirs

    Boyz and Sirs is the CP event for guys into dressing up and exploring fantasies with each other! It’s every Saturday afternoon at Bunker Bar in East London. They pride themselves on being a friendly and welcoming club, and it attracts an eclectic range of people; any sort of dressing up is welcome, from military to PE kit. It’s divided into various play spaces to accommodate one-on-one, group activities and dark rooms. Toys and uniforms are provided.

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN. 2pm – 7pm.


    6th June (Brighton) & 8th June (London): Horse Fair

    An edgy fetish concept from Jamie HP, this one’s not for the faint-hearted – willing “mares” are offered up to dominant “stallions” without ever seeing their faces. It’s all about breaking boundaries and exploring fetishes for control and giving up control. Of course there are also “stable boys” on hand to make sure everything is safe and consensual. So if you’re seeking the ultimate thrill, head down and check it out. You might even end up feeling your oats. Horse Fair is trotting over to Brighton as well, to The Brighton Sauna – so if you live down by the sea, now’s the perfect chance to swap bright and sunny for deep and dirty.

    LONDON: Union, 66 Goding Street, London SE11 5AW. 9pm – 1am. £16 entry for members.

    BRIGHTON: The Brighton Sauna, 75 Grand Parade, Brighton BN2 9JA. 9pm – 1am.

    Mares must arrive early to avoid seeing stallions; for full info head to jamiehp.co.uk