What’s Hot This Month in London & Brighton – September 2019



    There’s something about a bit brutish man that has us instinctively grabbing our ankles. Taking over the dark corners of Union every Friday night is BRUT. When it comes to grabbing yourself a big, burly, muscle bear then there really is nowhere else to head. With pumping beats courtesy of DJ LCB giving the night a filthy soundtrack, there’s no knowing what mischief you’ll get up to at this dance and cruise party. The night’s all about strutting around in your leather harness and getting all hot and sweaty in a crowd of like-minded lads. You’ve never been to a raunchier disco

    Union Nightclub, 66 Goding Street, London SE11 5AW. 10pm – 5am. £5 before 11:30pm, £10 after.


    XXL Birmingham

    Friday 20th September

    Bears RULE Birmingham. It’s basically the bear capital of Britain, with the exception of the forests of the Lake District of course. They’re teaming with big brown bears. Every third Friday of the month, the Core Club gets taken over by a crop of mischievous bears all hungry for a dance and a drink. They’ll be playing a pumping mix of R&B, cutting edge sounds and classic tunes, with neon-lit walls giving you that hardcore club vibe. It’s where the big-bellied and burly bears go to mingle and mix and, of course, sneak off to a dark corner for a few minutes.

    Core Club, 135 Sherlock Street, Birmingham B5 6NB. 9pm – 4am. £6 entry.




    In their 13th year, these purveyors of all things scally are going from strength to strength. If scally porn is your thing then chav lad night Fitladz is your club. Each week they welcome a crop of gay, bi and the odd straight lad getting a break from the missus in their trackies. The party draws in a crowd that looks like they want to beat you to your knees, but these guys want you on your knees for a very different reason. Bunker is one of the UK’s few purpose-built cruising venues, so there are plenty of play spaces and booths to explore.

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, London EC1V 1JN. 10pm – 5am. £10 entry, includes first drink and coat check.


    Vault 139

    7 Days a Week

    A dark pit of depravity hidden down a side street in Fitzrovia, Vault 139 is what you’ve been wet dreaming about. Depending on the night, you get cruising in your civvies or nothing at all, and there are always a crowd of friendly strangers eager to get some action. They’re open every day from 1pm to 1am, giving you plenty of opportunity to get up to no good. If it a slice of afternoon action you’re looking for, then we’re sure a guy working in the area would be eager to spend his lunch hour in there with you. Forget the apps, all you need to do for some action is head on over to Vault 139.

    139 – 143 Whitfield Street, London W1T 5EN. Open daily 1pm – 1am. £9 entry, free for under 25s on Sunday.


    SM Gays

    Thursday 19th September

    The discovery night turning folks onto SM activities. If you’ve ever been curious in getting involved in the scene, or an old pro, these nights are the perfect chance to meet like-minded guys. Whether it’s pup play, sub and dom relationships or just a good spanking, each month they dedicate a session to exploring a facet of the SM community. Led by a team of volunteer SM enthusiasts, there’s no knowing who’ll run into at these events. If you’re looking to elevating your play in the bedroom or have some new kit to try out then consulting those SM gays is a good shout.

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, London EC1V 1JN. 8pm. £10 entry includes first drink and coat check.



    Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

    What’s the best way to explore a cruise bar? In the BUFF, of course! If you’re into getting stripped off in public and doing a little cruising then this is the night for you. All September long, Buff will be taking over Bunker Bar several times a week. They kick off on a Wednesday when all evening long the joint will be full of horny naked lads looking for some action. Then on Saturday, it’s Buff Plus between 7 and 10pm where you can either keep your civvies on or get naked. Either put your cruising skills to the test or let your body do the talking. Then finally on Sundays, the afternoon is dedicated to naked lads taking care of that hangover horn. The end of week Buff means you can also stay on for JOXXX for free.

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, London EC1V 1JN. Wednesday 5pm – midnight. Saturday 7pm – 10pm. Sunday 2pm – 6pm. Members £9, guests £10 includes first drink and coat check.




    There’s no feeling quite like the slap of the elastic waist of your jock. Especially when it’s after being pulled by a hot stranger looking to get your attention. Joxxx is the underwear party where lads come along to cruise in their Calvins and Andrew Christians. There’s something flirty as fuck about cruising in your underwear. It leaves just that little bit of mystery. Pulling down those drawers with eager excitement around a dark corner with that handsome guy you’ve been making eyes at is what Joxxx is all about. The dress code is simple: jockstraps, underwear, short shorts, singlets or nothing at all. If you have that perfect pair of briefs that make your cheeks look extra perky, then this is where you head to show them off.

    Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, London EC1V 1JN. 6pm – 1am. £10 entry includes first drink and coat check.


    Horsefair London

    Saturday 21st September

    The most intense sexual role-playing night London has to offer. Willing Mares are led by Stable Lads up for auction, with the highest bidding Stallion dragging them off for a hot session. The Mares are then brought back to action.  A large draw is that the Mares are blindfolded, which heightens the experience, and are oblivious to the stallion that’s having their way with them. Each month they welcome over 100 athletic guys, 18 and upwards, to get involved in the action. The role play takes place in an environment where the senses have been heightened, and sexual tension fills the air. Anyone wishing to attend has to get themselves well acquainted with the rules and apply for a carefully vetted guest list.

    Union Nightclub (Back Entrance), 66 Goding Street, London SW11 5AW. 9pm. £16 includes coat check. Private event, apply for invite at JamieHP.co.uk.


    TFN – Totally Fekking Nude


    Reimagining one of the UK’s best-loved spa, the naughty lads of Jamie HP re-imagine the space as a horny club night. It’s one of the biggest Saturday nights going on the London sex party scene, with hundreds of guys heading over to catch some action. Whether it’s before heading to the club, or after a few drinks in Soho, if it’s letting off some steam on a Saturday night is what you’re looking for, then TFN is where you’ll find it. It’s smack bang in the middle of the city, making it a go-to for all of London’s fit gay and bi lads. Get yourself soaking in the locker room shower or jump into the pool, it’s up to you. Social zones are easy to move in between, with private cabins for guys looking for a little privacy.

    The Covent Garden Health Spa, 29 Endell Street, London WC2H 9BA. 9pm – 2am. £16 entry includes first drink, towel and locker.


    SBN & NBN


    Sundays, a day of rest? NAH! It’s half of your weekend so make the most of it by getting Stark Bollock Naked. You could spend the best part of it scrolling through a grid of guys hoping to find someone to come over, or you could just head over to Union. It’s all about getting stripped down and getting social with a crop of horny guys. Each SBN party comes together for its climax, with two gay porn performers taking to the stag for a live XXX show that’ll leave your shaft throbbing. Then things are handed over to underwear fetish crew Nearly Bollock Naked who keep things going in their undies until late.

    Union Nightclub, 66 Albert Embankment, London SE11 5AW. SBN 2pm – 10pm, NBN 6pm – 10pm. Members £15, guests £18.