These chained boy toys are there for one purpose, and one purpose only. They’ve been bred to serve, and they’re going to service the muscled tops that keep them captive in whatever way they’re told to.


    Bearded, leather-clad daddy Matthew Anders loves his new toy… and his new toy, caged Johannes Lars, loves him back. When his daddy pushes his thick uncut dick through the bars of his cage, Johannes devours the engorged member.

    As he does this, Daddy Matt leads him out of the cage and then slams his cock deep inside his milky white boy arse. Boy toy Johannes is fucked like an animal until his daddy shoots a thick load over him.

    Then allowing his boy to shoot too, Johannes kneels and covers his Daddy’s leather boots with a huge load of thick spunk. Top fucker Killian James takes full advantage of dark haired Alexis Belfort when he’s his bottom boy for the day.

    Joining Killian in a blackened room, Alexis laps at his master’s hairy pits, tasting the sweat and getting the full flavour before moving onto Killian’s meaty cut cock, sucking down it balls deep.

    Fitting a ball-gag to his boy, Killian’s attention moves on to his boy’s smooth bubble butt, and he probes his hole, first with his tongue, then fingers and then dildos, starting with average sized and quickly moving up to those eye-watering, super-thick, blue Crackstuffers, designed to skewer his boy to the spot.

    Only when he can take no more does Killian slide his raw cock deep into Alexis’s sloppy lubed up hole and fucks him hard and fast until his cock explodes unleashing streams of cum over his spent boy. Young, hard bodied and hairy Nathan Raider is the perfect sleazy top. He knows exactly what he wants and with dirty blonde sub boy Gabriel Phoenix on his knees in front of him, he sure as hell is going to get it!

    He starts by fucking Gabriel’s throat but before too long Nathan’s strapped his boy to the wall, and has turned his attention to Gabriel’s tasty boy butt. Burying his face deep between his cheeks, Nathan tastes Gabriel’s sweet hole before pulling his stiff cock painfully down between his legs to swap between the two. Dick then hole, hole then dick, before he slams his own thick slab of meat balls deep inside Gabriel’s wriggling butt.

    Spanking the smooth, milky white butt cheeks of a horny young twink is the perfect way to get hung, tattooed top guy AJ Alexander turned on, and this is exactly what he does to young blonde twink Alex Silvers.

    Holding him firmly over his knee, AJ reddens Alex’s smooth boyish bum cheeks before turning his attention to the hapless lad’s tight hole. Loosening it up with his tongue and fingers, nothing can prepare Alex’s hole for AJ’s giant cock, which is soon slapping against his hot red cheeks.

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