Check into Eurocreme’s Hook-Up Hostel which, as you’d expect, is packed full of horny young twinks from all over the continent! It’s a hot-bed of illicit sex that ultimately erupts in wads of spunk. Join the cast and crew of the latest Eurocreme feature and meet new faces, first-timers and firm favourites, all sporting giant dicks, peachy arses, smooth toned bodies and handsome young faces, and ready to please and pleasure themselves, and you!


    Im the opening scene, after being prick-teased for far too long by a big dick in his face at the hostel, young Lucas Phelps decides he can’t miss the golden opportunity presenting itself right in front of his face! Super hung fellow traveller Kayden Gray has been sleeping on the top bunk above his for days, his giant dick beckoning the horny young bottom from the very first time it was on show.

    Finally, after plucking up all the courage he could muster, young Lucas wraps his soft plump lips around the shaft, and right before our eyes, it becomes engorged and stiff. Moving to the next bed, Kayden now takes full control of the skinny twink, loving the idea of splitting him in half with his giant dick. Lapping at his balls and never-ending shaft, cock worshipper Lucas is in his element.

    His own dick is a giant surprise for Kayden, who takes great pleasure servicing first that, and then Lucas’s smooth tight arse, prising his hole open and letting Lucas slowly sit down on it, getting him used to the sheer volume disappearing inside him.

    Still rock hard as his delicious arse swallows it all down to the balls, Kayden needs to only lay back and let the power bottom work it. Soon, being flipped around and fucked hard by Kayden makes Lucas spurt all over himself, swiftly followed by Kayden who coats his new fuck buddy’s balls and abs in his man juice.

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