We’ve always said that the guys in Triga Films’ DVDs are really believable and that they’re either bloody good actors or they’re not acting at all and really either rugby players, prison officers, council house scallies or, in the case of Triga’s latest DVD Gangland Cock – Extra Fuckin’ Swag, proper gangsters. 

Well it turns out that Jimmy Collins Jnr (pictured) who plays a gangster involved in a bloody feud over stolen goods in Gangland Cock is from one of the most notorious families in Limerick, Ireland, with a long history of involvement in organised crime, and his father, Jimmy Collins Snr, is described as being one of the city’s top criminals!

Unlike his father, Jimmy Jnr, a former Mr Gay Cork, is a good boy and has no involvement in criminality, choosing a career as a make-up artist. But we wonder if he took inspiration from his father’s life of crime for the role?

Either way, he pulls of a blinding debut performance and we hope we see more of the tattooed hard man in gay porn.


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