Keeping you up to date with the latest in gay sex, from hardcore gay sex parties to sex product reviews. Rounding up the biggest events on the gay scene, bringing you pictures from the naughty frontline. Not sure whether to check out some nasty night that’s tickled your fancy? We’ve got you covered with our roundups of the evening, along with photos of everything that went down. We also have nasty twink Topher Taylor road test some of the latest gear to come on the market, and he’s going to tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t be picking up.

Our experienced contributors make their way through every route a horny guy can go down, and all the ways us guys get off. If you’ve ever been curious of exploring your dark side then be sure to check out our stuff on the more out-there fetishes, from scallys to the pop scene.

Greater London

Cor blimey, mate, The Big Smoke has all kinds of filthy fun to get involved with. Whether you’re cruising the capital for cock, or just looking for good quality fetish gear, you’ll find it here. How’s your father? Oo-err.

South East

Wanna know what’s hot down south? Check out our comprehensive listings for everything from gay sex in the Garden of England, to BDSM down in Brighton!

The Midlands

Get nasty in Nottingham, get bummed in Birmingham, get licked in, er, Lichfield? If it’s horny and happening in the Midlands, it’ll be listed here.

Wales & South West

Does the cum in Cardiff taste like the cum in the Cotswolds? Getting slutty in the South West has never been easier than with our raunchy roundup right here.

North of England

If you’ve got a hankering for peen, pet, or even just fancy a bevvie with some boss lads, the North of England has got some right crackers you should take a peek at. Wobble yer ‘ead and check out our listings.

Scotland & Northern Ireland

Whether you’re up for a wee bit of wanking or just want to enjoy the crack, er, CRAIC, you can’t go far wrong with sexy Scots and horny Irish lads. Here’s where you need to let your moose loose aboot the hoose... Donald, where’s your trousers?

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