There are loads of penis extenders on the market, but nothing for your balls? What’s the point of having a big pendulous cock if your balls don’t hang low to complement it! 

Well finally there’s product to address this very issue. It’s the revolutionary MANDAX Extender System, the only all in one testicle enhancement and ball stretching system.Made from high quality stainless steel, the MANDAX Extender System is a serious piece of kit that works on the medically proven enhancement method of traction.

This allows you full control over the force you want to apply and the ball stretching extension you want to achieve, so you can stretch your balls as little or as much as you want. The MANDAX Extender System is compact enough to be used all day every day, and its carefully designed components are easily adjustable leaving your balls and scrotum fully exposed whilst being worn. This comprehensive ball stretching enhancement system comes with full instruction booklet, but for more details go to


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