CS2 Sauna in Nottingham will feature in an eye-opening Channel 4 documentary to be screened on Wednesday March 2nd at 10.35pm. 


    Called Secrets of the Sauna, the programme centres on John and Joe who run CS2 sauna and their ‘unconventional way of making a living’. Asked why they wanted to make the programme, John said, “We thought it was a great opportunity to show the world that it’s not that bad, what we do behind closed doors.

    It’s not all seedy.” Joe added, “Yeah, one thing we wanted to get across was the fact that saunas aren’t all seedy and sleazy.

    When we set out to create CS2 in Nottingham, our intention was to have somewhere that was clean and safe, where people could actually enjoy the environment. So to be able to convey that was a good thing.” The Channel 4 documentary also follows the couple as they tie the knot!

    “Being able to do it during the documentary felt like a real opportunity to say very publicly ‘We’re married, we’re happy, we’re gay, we’re proud… And it was a statement to our families as well. Some of my cousins didn’t actually know what we do for a living.

    So it was a bit like inviting them to a gay marriage and also saying ‘By the way, we run a gay sauna. And by the way, you’ll be seeing it on Channel 4.’ CS2 Sauna is at No. 1 Lennox Street, Nottingham NG1 1ER. www.cs2sauna.com.


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