Check out Titan Media’s latest star, 27-year old Parisian Philippe Ferro. The studio has just signed a multiyear exclusive contract after discovering him following a partnership between Titan Media and Yagg.com, a French GLBT media company.

    Ferro was selected as the winner of the X Star Story contest and became the newest TitanMen exclusive. “Becoming a TitanMan? Waouh,” Ferro said. “In the beginning, I did not even think of winning the X Star Story contest, much less a TitanMen exclusive.”

    Brian Mills, lead director and partner of Titan Media said of him, “When I noticed Philippe as one of the contestants on the X-star story website, I thought he was very handsome and sexy… Even though I had no translation for his online spoken interview, I liked his voice and the way he presented himself.

    After Philippe arrived in San Francisco, I was astounded by how attractive he was. He is even more beautiful than he was in the photos and video clips I watched.

    Philippe seemed a little shy at first, but soon was perfectly comfortable on the set. He’s a natural … charming and popular with everyone. He’s going to be very big with our fans!” Ferro makes his debut in the TitanMen film Thrill Ride, coming soon.


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