For the first time in its history, a porn star and previous award winner is taking over the production of this year’s HustlaBall Awards. 

    Portuguese Fostter Riviera (pictured above), who’s worked with studios such as Cazzo, Lucas Entertainment and Bulldog, hopes that with his understanding of the porn industry, his company Fostter Riviera Productions can create a more exciting and sexy event and he plans new categories, new rules and new ideas.

    Speaking about the event, Fostter said, “Give to the most European Porn Awards, the value and respect that deserves.

    Because for us, actors, this is a real important thing. So, nobody better than an actor to produce it with quality!” And judging by his stellar performance in Bulldog’s Trained, we reckon Fostter could spice up anything he turns his hand to!

    The 7th annual HustlaBall Awards takes place on Friday October 16th at Berlin’s infamous KitKatClub, just before the sexiest circuit party of the year, the 13th annual Berlin HustlaBall.

    For more details about this year’s HustlaBall Awards go to www.hustlaballawards.com and for the Berlin HustlaBall circuit party www.hustlaball.de.


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