Is it 2016 already! Well not quite. Luckily we’ve got another four months left of this year before we’ll be forced to deal with cold, dark winter nights when January 2016 will be upon us. 

    So what better way to lift your spirits in the New Year than to have a naked hunk staring down at you from a calendar on your wall. Well, iconic gay erotica studio COLT has just released its 2016 calendars and like every year they’re packed full of stunning, hunky men (and a few boys courtesy of the Buckshot Boys). Choose from COLT Men, these are muscular, handsome and hung men with bedroom eyes and a warm and inviting smile to boot.

    These are the men that dreams are made of. Serious, intense, hot; that sums up COLT’s Leather calendar. The studio has a long tradition and a deep understanding of what it means to wear it right, so explore a deeper sense of forbidden pleasure in 2016 with the COLT Leather calendar – one month at time! The true identifier of rugged COLT Man masculinity is a muscular chest covered in hair, be it light, dark or ginger.

    Whatever hue of man-fur gets you hard the COLT’s Hairy Chested calendar features some of the world’s best looking hirsute men.

    COLT Men by the pair! Is that a fantasy or is it just being plain greedy with the COLT Couples calendar. Those sexy, young and confident, Buckshot boys sure do love to show off, and you can enjoy a year full year of the studio’s crème-de-la-crème of Buckshot Boys in the Boys calendar! Last, but by no means least, there’s COLT’s Butt Beautiful Calendar for all you arse-obsessed guys which features a selection of the hottest bare arsed COLT Men the studio could find.

    They’re out now so order yours now from www.COLTstudiogroup.com.


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