We read the funniest stories on, the hook-up site best known for its extensive cruising listings, uncensored profiles and horny members. 

    This one, about a homophobic pastor, made us think that maybe, just maybe, there is some justice in the world…  When an anti-gay pastor from Indiana called Gaylard (you can’t make this stuff up) Williams was recently arrested and charged for groping an unsuspecting young male in a public park, we were not surprised!

    The 59-year-old pastor, who preached his hypocritical homophobic nonsense at Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, allegedly approached the 27-year-old man in his car, “grabbed and squeezed” his cock and asked for a blow job.

    It gets better… According to the police report, local authorities followed up with Williams and found GAY PORN in his car. Gasp!

    The entire HO erupted in laughter. Oh, Gaylard. Had he been a member, he would have known that Cypress Lake is NOT a designated cruising spot! Gaylard, let us help you… sign up on and we’ll give you three days of Fan Club membership (tip: anyone can use it too). Use promo code: GAYLARD.


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