One of the fastest growing fetishes must be the Pup Scene. 

    Over the last few years, whenever we’ve been at a fetish event – be it Berlin’s Folsom Street Fair, recon’s London Fetish Week or Suzie Krueger’s Hard On – at some point of the evening we’ll look down at our feet and come face to face (or face to snout) with a grown man on all fours wearing a macabre latex dog mask and, more often than not, a dog tail butt plug.

    After tapping the words ‘puppy play’ into Google we discovered there’s a whole human-puppy community out there, and closer to home a new site called

    It’s somewhere that guys into canine role-play – or ‘pups’ as they’re known – can find resources, information, and events and also network with other pups throughout the country.

    There are also articles from experienced pups and seasoned handlers on a range of subjects such as training techniques, healthy puppy foods and pack dynamics. Take a look, and maybe it’ll bring out your inner mutt.


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