Fetish Freak Cumpetition!

    South London filth floggers Fetish Freak are running a rather unique competition, where customers are invited to come in-store and literally come in-store!

    Specifically, on a pair of pants. Each month, they give away the jizz-splattered undies to someone who can correctly guess the number of guys that have emptied their loads on them so far. It’s quite like a summer fete, only with a lot more semen. The winner can do whatever they want with the prized pants; sniff them, wear them, frame them, whatever does it for ‘em. The Fetish Freak shop is located in Oval, where they sell a wide range of rubber and leather fetish gear, as well as all the essential aromas, condoms, and lubes.

    Fetish Freak is at 76 Bolton Crescent, Oval, London, SE5 0SE, Open Sunday 12pm-5pm & Monday- Saturday (except Tuesday) 11am-6.30pm, or shop online at fetishfreak.co.uk


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