Get between the Sheets of San Francisco

    Let’s be real here, for many of us sex can be a delightfully messy experience! So if you want to to worrying about ruining the upholstering with spunk, check out Sheets of San Francisco!

    They have created a range of products that allow people to make as much mess as they want, wherever and whenever, without having to think too much about it! Their range of fitted sheets and flat throws utilise high quality engineered fabrics to provide products that are not just fluid proof but have a range of additional qualities, being breathable, highly tactile with a great feel against the skin, yet extremely tough. Amazingly on top of all this the sheets are extremely easy to wash, so they’re ready to go again and again. Designed to cater for a range of interest from intimate massages to messy lube sessions and even food play wax-play and watersports, grab yours now and save yourself future cleaning bills!

    Get yours at


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