All you BDSM and leather fetishists out there will know that we’re just weeks away from Berlin’s Folsom Europe, the eastern cousin to San Francisco’s huge Folsom Street Fair.

    Mister B, purveyors of top quality leather, rubber and associated fetish gear, is one of Folsom Europe’s Platinum Sponsors and their great store-in-store at London’s Expectations recently celebrated its first anniversary, and you’ll find a great range of new their new gear at Expectations that’s perfect for a short, but sleazy, trip to the undisputed fetish capital of Europe.


    If you’re planning to hit the gym while you’re away, or simply want to show off your beefy hairy legs, the Mister B gym shorts will come in very handy. Available in black with white trim, white with black trim, or red with white trim, they come in 30”, 32” and 34” waist for just £28.


    The Mister B Backpack, which retails for just £43, is great for carrying all the accoutrements needed for a night out. If you prefer a standard hold all style bag, the Mister B Travel Bag is a snip at £39. And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a Mister B Toiletries Bag, which is just £16. All bags are black with a red trim and are made from a durable wipe-clean fabric – perfect for the dirtiest of trips away!


    Expectations has a stack of travel sized lubricants and condoms from as little as 30p, but check out the Mister B Glide Lube (30ml) for just a fiver. A little goes a long way, so you’ll be well and truly set for a slippery, sleazy time.


    With any luck, the weather in Berlin will be hot and sunny… when you’re not on your knees in some dark corner that is! So a must-have accessory is a pair of Mister B Aviator sunglasses in either standard or mirrored versions. Both styles are seriously sexy and a bargain at just £12!


    • PiG, the official Folsom party, is on Saturday September 8th and with cruisey basements and a dungeon labyrinth, it sounds like it’ll be one hell of a sleaze fest! Expectations is the only UK outlet selling tickets, so get down there now and get yours before they sell out!

    • Expectations, 75 Great Eastern Street, London  EC2A 3RY. Tel: 020 7739 0292, www.expectations.co.uk


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