Get ready for the Triple X Games, a brand new game show hosted by the delicious Dan Broughton, which will follow six European porn newcomers, selected from a public casting call, as they compete in sexy challenges, both individually and in teams.

    Former Mr Gay UK, Dan Broughton will present season 1 and each episode will feature a well-known international porn star guest – the likes of Jordan Fox, Luke Desmond, Kayden Gray and Allen King – who’ll give saucy insights into their work and private life. In each episode the newcomers will compete in challenges, such as Blind Man’s Buff, a cock-sucking contest.

    Will the newcomer be able to identify a real porn star with just his mouth? The climax of each episode will be a full-length, hardcore sex scene between the porn star and the triumphant newcomer.

    Will the new boy be able to hold his own against the hardened professional? A jury of stellar personalities from gay media, adult entertainment and the gay community will hold court, evaluating the sex scene and awarding points to the contestants and the winner of each season will win a cash prize of €1,000 EUR and have the opportunity to feature in porn productions in the UK, France and Germany!

    28 year-old Londoner, Dan Broughton, an experienced adult performer and former Mr Gay UK will be the face of the Triple X Games Season 1. “When I heard about the Triple X idea, I knew immediately that audiences would love it. It’ll feature some of the industry’s finest professional porn stars, and lots of fresh porn newbies to tickle your fancy.

    Throw in lots of sexual challenges, blood-pumping sex scenes, a fabulous hand-picked jury, and hosting the show, me! It’ll be something that we’re all going to want more and more of.” Filming starts in late July in Germany, and Triple X Games Producer Falk Lux, who’s also the man behind twink studio Spritzz, is currently awaiting casting applications from guys wanting to take on the challenge.

    So, do you love sex? Are you self-confident, do you love your body and like showing it off? Would it turn you on to hang with the big boys of the porn industry? If you’ve answered yes to these questions then what are you waiting for? Go to www.triple-x-games.com for the latest news and to apply.


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