Okay, so Jonathan Wheatley’s not the only gay in the village. 

    But, following the closure of the RoB shop above the Hoist, Fetish Freak, Jonathan’s independent fetish store, is now the only place south of the river that stocks a huge range of adult sex toys and where you can pick up all of life’s little essentials such as aromas, condoms and lubes.

    Not only that, but Fetish Freak also has everything from cock pumps and butt plugs to leg-spreader bars, restraints, masks, whips and canes, cock rings, cock straps, ball weights, ball stretchers, stimulants, condoms and more varieties of lube than you could shake a slippery stick at!

    You’ll also find a great range of fetish gear in store too including rubber and leather, sports gear, military outfits and accessories, wrestling suits, army boots and some seriously sexy underwear. Speaking to QXMEN shortly after the closure of the Rob shop, Jonathan said, “What goes around comes around… and payback is a bitch!

    Yep, you can quote me on that. I feel sorry for the staff who are obviously out of a job, but I now have a lovely shop just down the road in Kennington/Oval and business is booming.

    So I have to say I’m a happy bunny and have moved on!” Jonathan added, “I also have some exciting news that I’m bursting to tell you about, but it’ll have to wait until the October issue of QXMEN!” We’ll let you know what Jonathan’s news is next month, but in the meantime, pop in and see him at FF (Fetish Freak), 76 Bolton Crescent, London SE5 0SE (right by Kennington Park) Tel. 020 7091 0031.



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