It always amazes us how those guys at QXShop manage to find these funky new gadgets and gizmos that have been designed specifically to stimulate and pleasure certain parts of our body in ways we didn’t even know could be stimulated or pleasured!

    Take the SIZE MATTERS MAX TWIST NIPPLE SUCKERS for example. They’re billed as being perfect nipple suckers for anyone looking for some consistent, strong suction… We didn’t even know our nipple needed sucking! But after we tried out these bad boys our nipples were left feeling perky, erect and hyper-sensitive! They’re easy to use too; simply place the base of the sucker firmly against your nipple to create a seal, and then twist the easy-grip control cap to create immediate suction. And from there on in then it’s your choice whether to enjoy a light sucking sensation or twist the knob further and create a serious vacuum which feels like rugby player’s got his mouth clamped round your nipple… If you like nipple play, you have to try these. Price £24.99

    The innovative PLAYSENSATION ULTRA BLACK BUTT PLUG isn’t only the ideal toy for guys who are new to arse play, but it also has all the credentials to make it the perfect companion for guys who are – shall we say – somewhat more experienced when it comes to pleasuring themselves anally… Lie back and let the Playsensation Ultra’s long beaded shaft gently massage your prostate, while its smaller protruding arm stimulates your perineum. Activate one of the five different vibrating functions and we guarantee that the Playsensation Ultra will bring you to a knee-trembling orgasm. They really did think of everything when they designed this butt plug, as it’s not only completely waterproof, but it also has a ring-shaped handle on it meaning you’re in total control too! Price £24.99

    The DELIGHT THROB SILICONE ANAL BEADS is a simply designed anal toy that gives maximum pleasure! It’s a 10 inch long, soft 100% silicone thread that has five 18mm textured balls along it and a loop at one end so that you (or a partner) cant whip them out with ease. You’ll be throbbing with delight once you’ve inserted these anal beads into your well-lubed arse, and – okay, call us greedy – but they feel great if you have them in place when your partner’s fucking you too! Price £5.99

    We can honestly say that we had no idea there would be much of a view down the handle of a dildo as it slides up someone’s arse. But guess what, there is – a view that is – and some bright spark at Raging Stallion Studios has come up with a hybrid toy that’s part dildo, part erotic periscope! Yep, RAGING STALLION’S LARGE CLEAR COCK is an extra large and ultra filling, weighty glass dildo, that delivers a blissfully voyeuristic experience thanks to its long, sexy styling and the crystal clear ‘viewable’ mounted handle.

    It’s made from borosilicate glass that’s phthalate free, non-porous, shatter resistant and easy to clean with soap and water. Heat or cool this bad boy under hot or cold water for a whole new sensation too! Raging Stallion’s Large Clear Cock is not for beginners as it comes in at 10.5inches in length by 2.5 inches in diameter. Price £44.99

    • These great sex toys – and loads more – are available online at QXShop.co.uk, the UK-based online store that stocks a huge range of aromas, lubes, sex toys, DVDs, magazines, fashion, underwear and gifts. QXShop process all orders received before midday that same day, and once dispatched, you should receive your order, sent by Registered Mail, within 24hrs.



    To be in with a chance just go to www.QXShop.co.uk, make a note of the item’s product code and then send it on an email, with your name and address, to [email protected]. Make sure you put QXShop September Competition in the subject field and send your entry in before 5pm on Monday September 30th when the competition closes. The winner will be drawn at random, and we’re sorry guys, but the competition’s open to UK residents only.



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