The guys behind Squirt.org, the ultimate online cruising resource for men, have released their new mobile site Squirt Mobile. 

    After seeing how modern day guys like to cruise, the developers of this new resource based the format on the simple factors of ‘where’ and ‘when’ to find men who are looking to hook up for sex.

    Squirt Mobile uses the same GPS location technology used so successfully by other mobile apps such as Grindr, and it can be accessed via virtually any mobile web browser.

    One of Squirt Mobile’s unique selling points is that member photos can feature full-frontal nudity, something that Apple, for example, forbids for mobile applications available on the iTunes Store.

    “You can use the same full range of images you’d use on a regular desktop site — more images than mobile apps: your face, your penis, your ass.

    Whatever you think is your best feature, that’s what you’re able to show!” said Squirt’s proud Digital Business Director, Attila Szatmari. “Our website is a hook-up site. We don’t sugar coat that. Other hook-up sites are too chit-chatty… When people want to get laid, they’ll go to Squirt.”

    So what are you waiting for? Access Squirt Mobile now by typing in mobile.squirt.org on your mobile browser, or by going to www.squirt.org and scanning the QR code.


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