Introducing Fetish Gear

    A new brand has arrived in the UK and is ready to sex-up your underwear collection with its kink and BDSM inspired designs. It’s called FETISH GEAR and has been designed by experts in London. As the name suggests, the whole range has been was conceived and designed with the fetish scene in mind!

    Arriving into Clonezone stores at the beginning of October, the Fetish Gear range will contain colour coded fashion and underwear; as well as wrestling singlets and sports socks. The colour-coded range will appeal to all levels from players, from beginners through to seasoned fetish-experts.

    The underwear range circulates around its ‘CORE’ designs in sleek black ribbed fabric, with contrasting piping and detailing in the fetish colour code. Each sporty piece features a deep charcoal grey and black elasticated waistband – as well as a built-in inner-pocket pouch for support and bulge enhancement. The range has been made to be comfortable enough to wear at work, and sexy enough to wear on its own to a club night.

    The Leather H-Front Chest Harnesses come in powerful black leather with bold, contrasting metal work in the core colours of the Gay Hanky Code;  Blue, Red, Yellow and White. These powerful and fully-adjustable chest harnesses feature front and rear D-Ring’s for intimate BDSM play.

    The RETRO tee and tank were designed in homage to Clonezone’s 35-year history. Inspired by the original Clonezone logo, which was a Tom of Finland adapted design. The pieces detailed with the retro logo printed in crisp colourways, featuring a TOF muscle hunk rolling his t-shirt off of his shoulders and over his head. Ideal for clubbing and days-out – this sexy top is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what your body size may be, as they’re classic designs to fit all sizes.


    • The entire range comes in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. With the chest harnesses being somewhat adjustable, should you beef up or trim down.


    • CORE Brief (Blue, Yellow, Red, White)
    • CORE Boxer Trunk (Blue, Yellow, Red, White) 
    • CORE Jock Brief (Blue, Yellow, Red, White) 
    • CORE Jock Boxer (Blue, Yellow, Red, White) 
    • CORE Jockstrap (Blue, Yellow, Red, White) 
    • MESH Wrestling Singlet (Blue/Red, Red/White, Black/Blue) 
    • MESH Backless Wrestling Singlet (Blue/Red, Red/White, Black/Blue) 
    • Colour-Coded H-Front Chest Harness (Blue, Yellow, Red, White) 
    • Vintage Clonezone Tom of Finland Tee (Heather Grey) 
    • Vintage Clonezone Tom of Finland Racer Back Tank (White) 
    • PUP Bone Tee’s (Blue, Yellow, Red, White) 

    Available from all Clone Zone stores from mid-October, or from their website