A new study has shown that a lot more straight men are using dildos, butt plugs and other sex toys and objects while masturbating than you might have guessed! 


    New Mexico based Psychologist Allison Kirshbaum surveyed hundreds of men on their past masturbatory habits and, according to Mel Magazine, she found that 24% of all men – both straight and gay – had inserted an object during their self-love session, with 35.3% engaging in nipple play.

    66.4% had rubbed their genitals on a surface while 47.7% had used a shower jet. So, if we use the commonly used statistic that between 6-10% of the male population is gay or bisexual, the survey shows that around 15% of straight guys simulate being penetrated while they’re masturbating!

    Certified sexological bodyworker, Kian De La Cour, said he was not surprised by the study’s findings. ”It’s very common. A lot of men have heard about it, so it’s safer to engage in self anal-play than to engage in it with another person,” he told Gay Star News.

    “If I’m giving it to myself, it doesn’t have the cultural stigma attached to that area. People like to believe they have a unified sexuality but, in reality, we’re complex and our sexuality is on many levels. We shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy what we enjoy.

    If we can talk about sexuality and not attach stigma to certain areas, it would be better. This study will hopefully encourage other people to try it and access more pleasure through exploring themselves.” We couldn’t agree more. If only more people would discover the joys of anal sex, the world would be a much better place!


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