It’s a fact. We’re obsessed with porn. It’s said that more people visit porn sites each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined. 


    And as porn stars’ lives extend beyond the screen – through their social media interactions, behind the scene videos and guest appearances in clubs and sex shows all across the world – it looks like there’s no let up in our hunger to get to know and understand these porn stars, the world they live in, their private worlds and personal fantasies.

    The sizeable gay audience is particularly eager to consume content that brings them closer to their idols and to this end Maurizio Von Trapp wants to make a kick-ass film that will be a key to the porn star’s secret worlds.

    Entitled Pornumentary Experimenta, it’s a six-part series which plans to explore the personal stories of six different gay porn stars – Paddy O’Brian, Jessy & Ricky Ares, Kayden Gray, Mickey Taylor, Logan Moore, Andrea Suarez and Bryce Cruiz, one for each episode, as they expand on themes presented to them through interviews.

    Pornumentary Experimenta is still at the crowdfunding stage and to find out how you can help this project, go to and search for ‘Pornumentary Experimenta’.


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