Have you ever been somewhere and wanted to find out where the closest gay sauna was? Or do you own a gay sauna in the UK and want your venue listed for free on the most comprehensive and up to date online UK Gay Sauna Listing? Well, the answer to both questions is ‘You can at www.QXMEN.com.

    This great new addition to our website has been conveniently categorised into seven regional areas – Scotland, North of England, The Midlands, Wales & the South West, South East, London and Northern Ireland. So, wherever you are, you can now find a local gay sauna, without the annoyance of looking one up on another website, only to discover that it closed down months ago!

    We’re confident that QXMEN’s UK Sauna Listings will soon become the country’s most trusted online resource around today, and all gay men looking for a local sauna will head straight to www.QXMEN.com.


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