Spare a Thought for Cameron Diggs

    Poor Cameron Diggs has had a tough couple of months. At the beginning of the summer the heavily inked porn star had to deal with accusations that he was a racist white supremacist, or at the very least he was someone who sympathizes with the Nazis. Why?

    Because in amongst Cameron’s many tattoos he has two Iron Crosses, a military decoration awarded to soldiers in Nazi Germany, on his chest and two lightening bolts (also known as SS Bolts) on his right hip.

    And now, following a motorcycle accident in Dallas, the new bad boy of gay porn is going to have to put his career in the adult industry on hold as doctors estimate his recovery could take up to a year!

    It’s a big blow to Cameron and a GoFundMe campaign has been set up and the money raised will go directly to medical and living expenses that Cameron will be facing once he’s released from the hospital and continues his recovery, Fans can follow Diggs on Twitter @CameronXDiggs. See Cameron in action before his accident in International Playboys from NakedSword Originals.


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