It’s a fact that no two cocks are the same. Yet we’re expected to make do with just a very small size range of condoms that are either too tight or too baggy.

    Well, that is until now, as a company called TheyFit has launched a revolutionary range of custom fit condoms in no less than 95 sizes!

    Ninety-five sizes though! Even we thought that was going a little bit overboard. But just 96 hours after launching the range on December 7th, TheyFit announced that every length and every width condom in the range of 95 sizes had been ordered at least once!

    Joe Nelson, self-titled Condom Revolutionary, described the milestone as a real achievement. “This reinforces my belief that men were desperate for a better fitting condom.

    Many in the industry thought we were crazy for offering so many sizes, but I always believed that if you are going to maximise comfort and ultimately pleasure, you have to invest the time and effort into as big a range as possible. This way compromise is minimised, pleasure and enjoyment are maximised.

    That we have sold every length and every width so soon after the launch is proof positive that our unique approach to condom manufacture is not only sensible but also hugely popular. Remember, condoms were originally invented as custom fit items so in many way we are returning to these original principles”.

    • So to finally discover what your own personal condom size is, go to, download a FitKit and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can use the pre-printed FitKit that’s in this month’s QXMEN.


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