26/08/2017: Look at all that MAN! We almost said “man meat” but that makes us sound, like, actually carnivorous. Like an orc from Lord of the Rings. MAN FLESH. Well, carnivorous or not, there was LOADS of it on display at the special August bank holiday edition of Trough on Saturday. Hundreds of gorgeously strong-forearmed men descended on the ornate former theatre for a night of dancing, debauchery and…defibrillating? No that can’t be right. Well, something beginning with D anyway. DICK! That’s the one. Loads of dick. We fully approve. Among those in attendance were Recon’s girl Friday (and sometimes girl interrupted), Sandy Pianim. And an off-duty Bourgeoisie! See if you can spot her.

    The Coronet, 28 New Kent Road, SE1 6TJ

    Photos by [HAWT!]Photography