Last month,, the world’s largest male escort website, launched its Pride Campaign. Dubbed the ‘Love What I Do’ campaign, it’s a series of interviews with sex workers discussing what fuels their passions as they navigate their way toward their life goals. 


    The campaign’s designed to change the conversation about male escorts, letting the world know that these guys are diverse, interesting, smart, sexy, and above all, that they love what they do. This is’s first ever campaign to feature a transman escort. Viktor Belmont, an artist and porn star based in San Francisco, won Best Newcomer at The Hookies 2015 International Escort Awards, was the first transgender male Hookies winner and is now the first to be featured in an international campaign for Rentboy. “Winning Best Newcomer at the Hookies Awards was a huge deal for me,” said Viktor. “After years of being told that no one would want what I had to offer, I was suddenly on stage, holding a giant trophy and getting a hug from (drag queen) Alaska Thunderfuck. The applause seemed to be never-ending! The award meant that I was wanted. It meant that I was respected. It meant that I finally had a home in the hearts of the industry. It represents to me a world where I don’t have to live in fear to be who I really am.” Hawk Kinkaid, COO of Rentboy, said, “We are so proud of Viktor. He exemplifies the very best of what we look for in a male escort. He’s caring, dynamic, and articulate. He’s also very sexy. He’s the perfect model for our international pride campaign.” In his video, Viktor explains, “I love meeting so many different types of folks. I get to travel and have amazing relationships with a wide spectrum of clients. I love my bears, queer punks, hot jocks, butch babes. I love boys who wear make-up and dresses. I get to hold people and scratch that itch that’s really primal. I feel like I have one of the most important jobs in the world. I’m a really needed caretaker.”

    For more information and to see Viktor’s video, visit


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