The guys at Squirt.org, the adult dating site for gay and bi men, have been trawling through their extensive database of users – or Squirters – looking at the most popular words they use when creating their username. 

    It may surprise you that they found many users felt the need to include the words ‘gay’, ‘guy’ and ‘horny’, but they’re right at the top of the list.

    While some might say that guys with these words in their username would be less likely to mess you around and just want to get straight to the point, we’d say ‘Come on lads. Use your imagination!’

    You’re on a gay hook-up site – of course you’re going to be a horny gay gay! Lots guys include their location in their username, such as ‘UK’, ‘London’ or ‘Dublin’.

    Is this a sign of national pride? Or is it just that there’s something inexplicably horny about hooking up with a guy who’s from out of town? The research also revealed that you’re more likely to find a ‘boy’ or ‘lad’ in the UK and if you’re looking to meet a married man then you’re better off checking out the guys in Ireland. Of course, we all know that no matter where you are on the planet, you’re more likely to find a bottom guy or ‘btm’ than you are a ‘top’.

    But remember, there’s always so much more to a guy than just his username – check out all the horny Squirters at www.squirt.org.


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