02 – 30 March 2011

    Tentations De Sodome (Cadinot)

    02 March: A 20-year-old student is put through an initiation ritual, organised by a fraternity of well-endowed guys selected for their virility and exceptional capacities, and he’s introduced to the debauched world of extreme sexual encounters.

    Cum (Lucas Entertainment)

    05 March: Get ready for a compilation of forty-five scenes from forty-five of Lucas Entertainment films. This is a film featuring nothing but cum shots. Facial cumshots, cum kisses, jerk offs, pulling out of hot arses and cumming on it, cumming on beards and faces!

    Fuck The Hell Out Of Me (Cocky Boys)

    09 March: Take five hot tops and pair them with five hungry young bottom boys, throw in a hot young boxer, and you have the perfect recipe for a ball-busting porn flick. Kyle Majors certainly has a good eye for sexy, young American lads with suckable cocks and oh-so fuckable butts.

    Bareback Twink Orgy (Cobra)

    12 March: Two of the cutest Cobra boys, Austin and Brandon throw a party for their buddy’s 18th birthday, and what a party it turns into! It’s a long hot orgy starring eight cute twinks.

    Too Big To Fail (BelAmi)

    16 March: When we think of BelAmi we think of beautiful boys with perfect bodies having sensual sex. But this time round there’s a new twist in the tail as the studio’s drafted in a top guy, Trevor Yates, who’s got one of the biggest cocks we’ve seen in a porn movie for ages.

    Raw Skins (Jasper Emerald)

    19 March: Titch and Jon are serial bare backers who just love pounding each other and taking thick creamy loads up each other’s arses… If you have a thing for rough young skins then you’ll love this movie.

    Squat (Cadinot)

    23 March: A squat plays host to a lecherous fraternity who spend their time cruising young virgins in public toilets. Once lured back to the squat, they’re introduced to a multitude of depraved sexual pursuits..

    First Time Fucked (Cocky Boys)

    26 March: Kyle Majors certainly has a good eye for sexy, young American lads with suckable cocks and oh-so fuckable butts. And as the title of the movie suggests, none of them has been fucked before… Until now!

    Duos De Choc (Cadinot)

    30 March: Duos de Choc is a realistic reportage of six scenes about the truths and lies behind the Cadoinot casting sessions. It’s an uncompromising behind-the-scenes look at what makes the perfect Cadinot star.


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