X LUBE is the safest, slickest and sexiest personal lubricant you will ever experience. 

    It’s a revolutionary, concentrated lubricant powder that’s water-based, so completely condom, glove and toy friendly. It’s additive free too, containing no unnecessary ingredients like sugar, salts, parabens or preservatives. X Lube has quite literally reinvented the science of personal lubrication, using an innovative refining process that makes it incredibly easy to mix!

    QXMEN tested X Lube and it really is easy to prepare… All you need to do is put 2.5g of the powder (about one capful) into a bowl, gently crushing any lumps, add 500ml of hot water and stir until it’s dissolved… And that’s it – simple!

    Once that’s done, you need to leave it to develop into a full bodied gel (about an hour) which leaves you ample time to get yourself ready, put your sling up or prepare your playroom!

    So go online now to www.xlube.com and order your 90g bottle of X Lube (which makes a whopping 18 litres!) for just £21.95 (plus P&P) and to find out which retailers stock it too. If you want to know more about X Lube then sign up for X NEWS, the newsletter with all the latest news and exclusive voucher codes to use at the checkout!


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