Drive Thru

Raging Stallion studios presents a film by Steve Cruz



Transport yourself back to an ancient time when men were heroes and demigods.



Not too far in the future, things take a turn for the worse.


High n’ Tight

At the ‘High n’ Tight’ barbershop, men come to get their hair cut, their beards trimmed, and all their sexual desires fulfilled.



Step aboard the RSS ‘Destroyer,’ a warship with a full crew of thirsty seamen who must turn to each other for sexual release.



When seven insatiable studs come together to indulge their most animalistic sexual urges, instinct, pheromones and dominance drive the dark and rough action in Primal. The action, directed by award winners Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz, is stripped down and intense, and focuses on capturing the primal desires that drive men to fuck each other.



When award-winning director Steve Cruz took a trip to the Spanish capital to capture the hottest European studs on film there was no shortage of macho Latin studs getting their fix of sweaty, dirty, man-on-man action! Big muscles, thick, dark hair, tattoos, oh, and hefty unacut cocks rule in the world of the ‘Men of […]



Erect This! is the latest construction site sex fest from Raging Stallion Studio, and Hall of Fame director Steve Cruz is the architect behind this fast-paced project that’s full of powerful tools and all the nailing, drilling and hammering you’ll ever want to see! 



Raging Stallion’s ‘Beef Squad’ always win out on the field, but some say their best moves are found in the locker room. So it’s lucky for us that director Steve Cruz has taken his camera behind the closed doors of the locker room while he coaches his horned up and muscled team of seven all-star […]



We’re never quite sure exactly what or where Raging Stallion’s Labyrinth is. Visions of a nightmarish Minotaur lead us to believe it’s a mythological sex club, where men, wearing little or nothing at all, roam seemingly endless long tunnels illuminated only by a dim red glow, searching for their hottest fantasies…