The French call it Ménage à trois. Us Brits call it a threesome or three-way.

    There’s no denying that they can be incredibly horny and there’s nothing quite like being the filling in the sandwich between a hung top and hot bottom. But they can also be disastrous, when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head and the couple you’re with start bickering when one of them gets jealous.

    There is a sure fire way you can enjoy a good threesome though, and that’s to watch one in a porn film.

    BelAmi have four corkers in their aptly named DVD 3Ways… Buddies Joel Birkin, Arne Coen and Dylan Maguire go for it in a poolside alfresco scene, Phillipe Gaudin and Colin Hewitt pick Jim Kerouac to be the filling in their sandwich, Scott Bennet and Tom Pollock get Claude Sorel in the sack and Gaelan Binoche goes a round with Gino Mosca and Jason Clark.