Ad Fetish @ CloneZone

    Want to kink up your fetish wardrobe but don’t want to be spending fortunes on Leather, Latex and Neoprene? You’re about to love the new drop from AD Fetish at Clonezone.

    If you aren’t aware of AD Fetish, then let us explain. You know that massively popular underwear brand, ADDICTED? This is their dedicated Fetish division. They take the design skills and quality of ADDICTED and translate them into kink-inspired gear; including harnesses, singlets, tops, bottoms, underwear and accessories like suspenders.

    AD Fetish have a big focus on colour coding and work with the basics; Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue. These colours are worked into their fetish inspired designs but made from much more comfortable cotton and spandex blend fabrics. The new drop at Clonezone works around camo with contrasting materials to cater to different kinks and looks. One of the best things about these products not being made form latex or leather is that they’re much more body flattering than the more ‘extreme’ materials.

    The range for Summer 2018 has two beautiful base harnesses; the Camo Mesh and the Carbiner Harness. These include small D-rings to attach BDSM equipment and straps to.

    For your bottom half, they’ve got you covered. And uncovered. The AD Fetish range features a Football short with sports-inspired tailoring and contrasting panelling – ideal for sports gear events and nights like HARD ON. This is a stand-out piece which I recommend that you treat yourself to sooner, rather than later as we will sell out.

    The underwear lines range from briefs, bottomless (jock) briefs and jockstraps. Made from skin-kind fabrics in different colours, the range also features a wrestling singlet. The Zipper Camo singlet has a zipper pouch with an open-rear for easy access. You can expect bulge-enhancement and a supported rear – these pieces work like Wonderbra for your bottom-half.

    One of my favourite options this season are the suspenders. We have four options which connect to other pieces in the range (using the D rings) or can connect to your bottoms using the belt-loops. The suspenders are an ideal way to flag your kink without going ‘full fetish’. You can grab yourself a full fetish club outfit for under £100 with AD Fetish which is almost unheard of on the kink scene.

    AD Fetish can be found online at or in all of our stores. If you want help in selecting an outfit that’ll suit you, then please feel free to contact us. That’s what we are here for.