Add Spark to Your Sex Life with Electrastim

    Have you ever thought you need something more during sex? Good old fashioned anal is always great, but sometimes there’s the need for something more. Something exciting. Something stimulating. Something…

    Introducing ELECTRASTIM! As the name suggests, it’s to do with stimulation via electricity. Electrastim products are a safe and specialized way of adding spark to your sex life.

    It’s the brainchild of a company called Cyrex. Founded in 2001 (almost TWENTY YEARS AGO, god that makes us feel old), Cryrex was created to bring unique sexual experiences to all couples and individuals, specially tailored to a kaleidoscopic spectrum of genders and sexualities.

    This birthed the innovative Electrastim brand – brave and groundbreaking, it changed the face and changed the game within the sex toy industry. It’s won multiple awards, including Best Product Design, Most Innovative New Product and Company of the Year.

    Now for some logistics; every product uses universal connections so you can expand your products without needing to buy a bunch of pricey new wires and cables. They distribute from their warehouse in Miami, Florida, but ship all over the world.

    Their range of products include cock rings and penis toys, silicone electro sex toys, anal sex toys, fetish and bondage gear, dildos and probes, electro conductive pads, cables and adaptors and even electro-conductive lubes and gels – so sci fi!

    For more info and to purchase products, head to