Anal Sex. Why Does It Feel So Good

    Having anal sex is not instantly associated with pleasure, many men are reluctant to have a go assuming it might be too painful or are simple not able to handle the “concept”. Well, we are here to say …give it a go….it can feel AMAZING!

    The anal wall has sensitive nerve endings, these are responsible for both the pain but also very much so for the pleasure. This article is all about taking the pain away, so all you are left with is the good stuff, for the next time you decide to have some anal action.

    As a start, the first thing you need to do is RELAX, yup…chill and get into the zone. Accept this is happening and be OK with it. The more reluctance in your mind the more likely it is that this will effect and tense your muscles, which could cause discomfort.

    Why not start with a nice relaxing massage, loosen up the muscles and body. It is a great way to relieve the nerves and get you in the mood. Having a nice warm bath together might also provide the same results.

    There is nothing worse than having the thought “ I am clean in there” stuck in your mind whilst being penetrated, so ensure you have an anal douche. This will allow you to relax even better and fully give yourself.

    Although not for everybody, but rimming is a great way to relax the muscles and spice things up. Of course, only ever do things you are comfortable with.

    The last point of preparation is using good lube, there are many brands that are designed for anal sex, you will find a massive collection of lube for men at, a good lube really makes all the difference, FACT!

    Now, for the main course. Take is slow, remain relaxed and breath! Sounds simple but having a regular controlled breathing flow really helps, trust us, you will thank us later.

    Where there is muscle, there is sensitivity. And where there is sensitivity, there can be immense pleasure. The relaxation of musculature and the acceptance of one’s partner’s overall length and girth provides localized and systemic stimulation. Or in simple terms; banging provides erotic stimulus to the muscles in your bum. It depends per person if you like the penetration to be hard and fast or slower and more gentle. In addition, by milking and penetrating the prostate glands, you build towards a more intense orgasms. This will take time to build. With practice, dilation, and patience you will get better at it.

    Communication is key, enjoying sex is as much about doing the deed as it is fulfilling a fantasy. Letting your partner know what you like and visa versa is key. Adding a bit of role play to the proceedings can spice things up big time!

    Are you a first-time bottom? If yes, then we recommend training yourself before D-Day. This really will make the first time so much better. There are many toys to train with, has an entire anal section full of anal toys for beginners. Train yourself by entering a small toy of choice till it meets resistance. Hold it there for about 5-10 seconds and relax into it. Then you can either push forward or take it out, apply more lube and do it again. Repeat this process a few times. Move on to a bigger toy when you feel ready. Everyone’s anal pleasure roadmap is different, so you might find you need more or less time to get used to the depth and girth. After a few weeks training you should be ready for the real thing, YAY!

    Now, all this might sound a bit much for some, but in reality it actually takes less time than you think and the training process is fun and enjoyable itself.

    So, you are all informed now, ready to get yourself some good anal fun. We are certain that even the biggest sceptics will enjoy it as the principle is solid, where there are muscles and skin there is stimulation and pleasure to be had. Now you know how to prepare for pain free penetration, go and get yourself some action!

    For all your Lube, condoms and training toys swing by, the one stop shop for all your sex adventures.