In porn, sex is one satisfying medley of intense eye contact, rippling muscles and picture-perfect orgasms. 

    Back on planet earth, however, the reality is completely different than that of our on screen lovers, and those guys at CAM4 have compiled a list of the five most awkward sexual moments.

    1. Getting naked: Just as things start heating up, you’re faced with the most common problem: ‘how do I take my clothes off while simultaneously kissing and not poking anyone’s eye out?

    2. No cooperation: Whether it’s because your partner has lost his erection or you’re lacking lubrication, sometimes as much as you both want to have sex, your bodies won’t align with your brains.

    3. Bad sex position: While you’re partner’s having a great time, your knee is pushed so far behind your neck that you’re wondering what will come first: the courage to say it’s not working or a major cramp.

    4. No orgasm: Sometimes, no matter how good the sex is an orgasm isn’t going to happen today.

    5. When a new position goes wrong: It looked so sexy in the Kama Sutra book, but navigating your way through an anti-gravity move has gone so very, very wrong. Instead of tying your best, you should probably go with the position you know better.

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