In the final chapter of BelAmi’s hugely popular Back In Africa series, our heroes return to Cape Town for an intensive three-month English course.

    But, of course, being BelAmi students these lads don’t have their heads stuck in their text books all day, and their journey to Africa becomes an uninhibited sexual adventure.

    Dubbed the ‘ultimate porn reality show’, the movie’s shot entirely on location in Cape Town and one of BelAmi’s most popular stars, tall, blond and very hung, Luke Hamill, not only produced and directed the movie but also stars in it too…

    Is there no end to this sexy hunk’s talents!

    Luke‘s joined by six other dreamy BelAmi boys, Julien Hussey, this month’s gorgeous centrefold Phillipe Gaudin, Ariel Vanean, Gaelan Binoche, Jean-Daniel Chagall and Kevin Warhol.