Be the Best in Bed!

    From Time to time men will have issues getting or remaining hard in the bedroom. This can often be contributed to tiredness, stress or too much alcohol.

    How many of us are, even before “the action” begins, worried about their performance? In many cases this can result in focussing more on getting it done whilst forgetting to enjoy it or giving proper attention to your partner. Often this mindset leads to underwhelming play time.

    We are no psychological experts here so on that level we are of little use. However, there are ways in which we can be useful so let’s get started with that.


    One of the biggest reasons to underperforming can be pressure. In many cases this can be reduced by talking to your partner or fuck for the night. Sharing the fact that you are ready for some hot fun, but you have had a bit of drink, or are dealing with a week’s worth of drama can help. It takes the pressure away and you can ease into play and get your head into the “game”. This can naturally transform into super excitement and hey presto!

    Go Hard on Herbal

    Without having to go to a doctor there are a plenty of little blue pills out there that can actually help. Many of these are marketed as food supplements and will have some ginseng, caffeine and other ingredients in it, these will help with stamina and keeping the blood flow in the right places. One of the most popular herbal stimulants are Gold Max Pills. It must be said that these pills are not miracle workers and for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction or expect to get an erection without even being in the mood, then these are not for you. Also having way too much alcohol is not ideal either.

    Fun Fact; the effect might linger a little. This can result in a semi erection or fuller penis a few days after. You will be surprised how easy your soldier will stand up for action the day after. This, we would say, is not a bad thing.

    Always make sure you follow the instructions that are on the box, you don’t want to be walking around with a permanent hard on or even worse. There are many varieties on the market, and they are not all the same. Make sure you get yours from a reputable retailer. These companies will have tested the products before selling them, providing you with better products.

    Toys to the rescue

    Taking things towards a different direction can be the use of toys, the choices are limitless, and fun is in abundance. An obvious choice can be the use of a dildo but in this case, we are going to focus on cock sheaths or penis extenders. These toys are designed for penetration and most can be used without having a full erection. An additional advantage (for some) it that it will also provide extra length and girth. They slip on easily with the use of some lube and there often is a strap that goes behind your balls so it will keep your penis in place, ready for you to go to town.

    Now, we are hoping your weeks do not bring that much drama and that you do not feel the pressure but if the situation arises, explore the above and see where that takes you, enjoy. 

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