Bear Week Sitges

    Barry El Beardo – Bear Abroad!

    Sometimes when your face is flushed from drinking many mojitos over the course of the night, you can feel yourself getting horny – even just standing talking to a guy, using him for balance and leaning into him, starts to make your dick firm. You lean in close, perhaps for a kiss against those soft lips of his and can smell the alcohol on his breath. It’s usually at this point when I know that I don’t care where we go, I want to get my dick wet.

    I told this American cub that we couldn’t go back to mine, he offered a solution saying that he could accommodate but only in his hotel bathroom as his boyfriend was asleep. He started to re-assure me that his bf knew the situation, but I didn’t really care because I liked this guy and I was drunk. We took the walk across the beach front and to his hotel, which was a drunken stumble away. As the door shut in his hotel room bathroom, his lips met mine, tasting each other and pulling one another close to feel the reaction it was giving us.

    He pushed me back against the cold porcelain sink and I noticed that the bathroom was actually pretty big, giving us both space to move around each other. As the American got onto his knees, he pulled my shorts and pants around my ankles so he could place his mouth over my dick, making it stiffen harder and harder. His hands reached up to rub my chest and caress my nipples, I grabbed his head and thrusted my groin into his face. Slowly to start but as he started moaning more intensely, my drunken rhythm got quicker and quicker. His hands grabbed at my chest massaging them deeper, I knew this meant he liked it. He pulled his head back and took in a large grasp of air leaving my dick dripping in his saliva.

    I laughed because it amused me to see this sexy cub enjoying my body and tasting my flesh. It was a turn on to look down at him, being held back but wanting more. As I let go so he could get back on it, the bathroom door flew open. My delayed drunken reaction took a few moments to focus on what was happening until I realised his bearish bf was standing there completely naked with an erection. After a moments pause, he asked to join, to which there was only one answer. With the cub sucking my dick as I rubbed his head, the bear was kissing me hard and deep whilst my other hand caressed him.

    It took us a few moments to realise we were still playing in the bathroom when there was a perfectly large bed for us to gather and continue. As we discovered and tasted each other’s bodies further, I glistened with sweat until it formed into droplets which dripped down my back into my hairy butt. It made me shiver and sent a soothing sensation through me that made me edge closer to climax. After we had finished, I took the slow walk along the beach back towards the party I had come from. The air was refreshing, and I somehow felt less drunk. I always had a fun time at Sitges bear week, this was definitely part of the reason why.

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