Multi-award winning studio BelAmi has been successful in helping guys ythe world over knock one out and xleaving them breathless for the last 21 years.

    So it’s no surprise that they should release a DVD of the same title. However, when the question, “Of the feature’s ten sickenly good looking performers, that’s Kris Evans Manuel Rios, Robin Michaux, Phillipe Gaudin, Adam Archuleta, Florian Nemec, Harris Hilton, Claude Sorel, Dario Dolce and Todd Rosset, which one would leave us the most breathless?”

    We must confess that we felt somewhat ‘put on the spot’ to answer straight away. If we’re honest, even we’d find it hard to say which one was our favourite… Maybe if we actually watched the DVD we’d feel better informed to make our choice!