Brut Raw

    07/06/2019: A new location, a new attitude, the same monochrome naughty night. It really does what it says on the poster, giving it to you RAW. We weren’t sure if the move over to Union would fare the club night well, but exploring a new bunch of dark corners with the Brüt crowd was totally titillating. Still the same hairy, muscle hunks looking to have a good time, but a slightly different vibe now that it’s in a new surrounding. It’s like having sex on holiday where a change of scene somehow makes it WAY better. We worked that dance floor out, and after a long week at the office letting off steam was called for. Some more steam was let off in the Uber home, and we think we might be banned from the app now… oops.

    Union Nightclub, 66 Goding Street, SE11 5AW

    Photos by Mark Storey