Bunker Bar

    There’s loads going on at London den of debauchery Bunker Bar! Head honcho Alan Roberts gives us the scoop!

    Hi Alan, how are you? What are you up to right now?

    Been busy, building an awesome new cruise club!   

    You’ve recently taken over the infamous Bunker Bar – what made you make this decision?

    The club we hosted BUFF at for 10 years was getting tired and run down. It’s due to close for redevelopment soon, so we thought “let’s leave on a high and get our crowed moved over to a bigger better club space”.

    What other events can we expect from you in your new home?

    We have lots in the pipeline with Skinheads and Squaddies making a return, Naked Mates, and Suited has re-opened on 3rd Thursdays . There’s going to be exciting new leather and rubber nights on Fridays & Saturdays too! There is also a new lycra night starting up, plus the old TNT (Trakkies & Trainers) is making a return for April! X Boys, the night for horny and hot 18-30 lads returns as well. We’re also on the lookout for promoters, so if you’re looking for a venue come and see us!

    Have you been doing any DIY or revamping to the Bunker since you moved in?

    The venue has totally changed from its East Bloc days. Gone is what was the dance floor! That’s now the maze. We also have a purpose built changing area with decent seating, a cabin room and booths plus the “Blackout Bunker”, which is proving a hit. There is also a video room and chill areas to relax in. Plus add to this it’s all climate controlled! It’s had a lot spent on it so come and have a look!

    What would you tell a new visitor to expect from a visit to the Bunker?

    Remember when cruise clubs were good? Well think Berlin, Paris or Madrid. There is nothing like this venue in London. It really is an underground bunker with a maze of rooms and areas to explore.

    Do you have any new or exciting developments/events in the pipeline?

    We do. There are going to be some interesting parties with some well-known promoters and we are going to continue to add new features to the space.

    Your nights are some of the longest running and most successful fetish nights around – what do you think the key to their longevity is?

    It’s because I do the things I like and show an interest in then. A lot of promoters have no idea of the fetish they are promoting. If you’re promoting a skinhead night for instance…at least know the scene and wear the kit. Also for the likes of ClubCP/Bad Lads you can’t run a S+M event if you are not into S+M yourself!

    Quickfire questions: leather or rubber?


    Naked or undies?


    London or Berlin?

    London, but my Dad lived in Berlin for a few years so I know it well.

    Hairy or smooth/shaved?

    Shaved balls, but hairy arms and legs!

    Cut or uncut?

    Not fussed as long as the tackle works! 

    Finally, is there anything else you want QXMEN readers to know about you, your events or Bunker Bar?

    You should really make the effort to come down and get away from apps and chat rooms. We have created a bit of continental sleaze in the middle of London!

    Bunker Bar is at 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN. For  more info head to MA1.co.uk