21-year-old Luke Adams (aka athletic94) joined the UK’s largest adult webcam site in February 2013. Here’s an excerpt from the super-cute, CAM4 performer’s blog in which he admits to doing things in front of the camera he never thought he’d do and tells us how camming has changed his attitude towards sex…


    I am Athletic94 a bisexual porn star currently in Spain who is doing cam shows on CAM4. Although I don’t have the same intimate feelings towards men as I do women, there are so many attractive guys out there, I can’t help but need them in my life too! I know this is a gay blog and the answers you are about to read I could have made up some wacky fictional answers for the readers. That wouldn’t be truthful though and that would not be me. I hope in reading this you can get to know me better, because this is it, this is a small snippet of who Luke Adams is and nothing but the truth.


    What’s one thing you’ve done on CAM4 that you thought you’d never do?

    Performing with one of my Porn Producers. I had been working with this producer for over a year. It never dawned on me that he would be into the webcam scene himself. I was used to taking directions from him in our shoots, and then all of a sudden he was sitting next to me, naked! It was strange then being the one directing him how we could give our viewer’s the most entertaining show possible. It was good though and it wasn’t just once we performed together! Who knows, maybe we will again in the future… LukeCouchWank_221

    And what’s one thing that CAM4 has got you wanting to do/fantasizing about that you never did before?

    Back in my school day’s I remember two popular topics that would be discussed. Boys being boys, something that would always crop up into our conversations would be SEX. Sex, porn or whatever it was that got our cocks up, we would be discussing it! The second of these topics would be something the teacher’s would often bring up… Sad to say, it wasn’t a lesson on teacher/pupil role-play! It was however what we wanted to do with our future. I remember those schoolboy discussions we would have about porn. Each and every one of us was jealous. We all wanted that, to work with some of the most beautiful people out there, and get paid! For some reason it just never seemed like something I would have the confidence to do though. When I began performing on CAM4, I soon learned this site was much more than sticking your webcam on and jacking away. All of a sudden I had joined a new world of which the ability to make good contacts and discover new opportunities was incredible. I was performing one day, just doing my thing for the audience before somebody asked if I had ever considered working in Porn. My mind opened up so much more after that. I took the offer up and before I knew it, I was receiving multiple offers from other porn companies, some of which gave me the opportunity to work abroad. All of this was made only possible because I put myself in front of a webcam, and for that I have CAM4 to thank.

    Do you have any fetishes, what’s one you really want to check off?

    Being a bi guy for me is brilliant as my mind is constantly flowing with new fantasies and fetishes I wish to experience! I can go from fantasizing over a beautiful woman one minute, to a ripped fella with a Greek God physique the next, literally! Taking this into account, when ever possible I like to kill two pigeons with one stone type thing. By this I mean ‘I love MMF sex!’ There is something very hot about the idea of having a three-way doggy. Myself in the middle of course, with a girl up front and another man behind me setting that tempo! Although I have been lucky enough to have these experiences previously, there was something missing… I have a thing for men and women in uniform. I want to experience an Airline scenario. Perhaps the hot captain of the flight and one of his pretty cabin crew girls. I would love that! LukeCouchWank_186

    Has your attitude towards sex changed since you started camming? Are you more open-minded, less judgmental, etc.

    Absolutely. When starting out I wasn’t aware of all the vast amounts of fetishes there were out there. I would be asked to show my feet on webcam for example, the idea of which was horrible to me. As time went on however I soon learned that I have what I like, and they have what they like. There is nothing wrong with that. We don’t choose our sexuality or what it is that turn’s us on. It is what it is and we are who we are so if somebody is going to pay me some tokens to display my feet, my pleasure polish yourself off!

    What do you feel is sexiest part of your body?

    I am going to be brutally honest. It may come across as a bit ‘basic’ and perhaps even crude. For me my favorite part of my body is my penis. Others compliment my chest, arms, abs and the occasional one will say I have nice eye’s too. A lot of these people haven’t seen my cock. Although it may not make a difference to them, to me it does. At the end of the day this chap has been with me from the beginning and his services are endless. I could go on but my body is what other compliment me on. I am not going to be the same young guy in year’s to come. These pecs, these arms, these abs are going to go. This chap however, he’s with me till the end.

    Have you ever thought about another CAM4 performer?

    I have yes. Although I don’t remember exact usernames, I often stroke myself to other performers before starting up a broadcast of my own. This is something I enjoy doing and it helps me get into a nice horny state of mind before I go on webcam for my viewer’s.

    Has camming changed your personality off-cam?

    Definitely, growing up I was a very shy child. Even to this day depending on the situation I am in I can still be quite shy. Up until I was 18 this was something I struggled with until I learned the only way I could beat it was to put myself out there where I wasn’t comfortable. Although I never found performing on CAM4 to be out of comfort zone, the time spent in front of a webcam engaging with my viewer’s and showing my personality has helped me in other area’s of my life. After all for me, if I can be comfortable sitting there on webcam in my briefs, dildo in one hand, lube in the other, talking to the people, why should I have problems with confidence in other area’s of my life?’


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